Aluminum Recycling

The house that cans will build!

Greene County Habitat for Humanity is challenging residents and visitors to make a change in life by collecting cans not only to preserve the environment, but also to help build homes for Greene County Families in need of decent housing.  It takes about 2 million cans to build a house (33 cans/lb, $1.00lb, and $60,000.00 to build a house).  Nearly $50,000 has been received, over the past eight years, from the sale of aluminum cans to Novelis Corporation and from winning aluminum recycling contests. 

The “House that Cans Built” will begin in September 2013!

Greene County Habitat for Humanity’s aluminum can recycling program was initiated in March of 2005 with the building of a Recycling Center (a small building) next to Publix. “Preservation of the environment was our foremost reason to consider a recycling program, even though we knew the revenue would help build a house,” stated Al Smith, the Habitat Recycling Coordinator. Shortly after the completion of the center, Habitat received two recycling trailers from Novelis and purchased an additional one. These trailers were placed at the Fire Station on Carey Station Road, the Greensboro Police Station, and the County Recycling Facility. In just a few months, Habitat realized that this program could fund a house. Based on the initial rate of collection, it was anticipated having enough funds to build a house in 2015, but due to the popularity of the program, Habitat has nearly earned enough from recycling aluminum cans that in September 2013 they will build the “House that CANS Built.”   
It takes 2.2 million cans to accumulate enough funds to build a Habitat House – an average of 140 cans from each person in the county. It has taken nearly eight years to see this project become a reality, and Greene County Habitat wants to thank the residents of Greene County for doing their part by recycling. 
Habitat is almost there but still needs your help; the project still needs 130,000 cans to have 100% funding for the “House that CANS Built.” With a population of 16,000 people, this is just EIGHT (8) cans per person. Even if you don’t generally recycle please consider taking your aluminum cans to one of the four recycle stations during the month of August and be a part of “House that CANS Built.”
Go to or email to learn more about Greene County Habitat for Humanity. Our Mission is seeking to put God’s love into action, by bringing future homeowners and volunteers together to build safe and affordable homes, communities, and hope. Our Goal is to improve the quality of living conditions which will strengthen our families and the entire community.


What Can You Do?

It is as simple as popping the can of your favorite aluminum-can beverage, enjoying a cold drink and then taking the empty can to one of the four recycling centers located at:

Old Salem Fire Station

Greene County Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Publix Super Center

Waste Disposal Station (Meadow Crest Rd)