The directors are responsible for developing the policies of the affiliate in accordance with Habitat’s mission and purposes which ultimately should witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each director must have a strong commitment which will ensure that the Habitat affiliate serves as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  While each director may differ on doctrine and theology, the overriding concern is that the entire board must reflect a commitment to Habitat’s mission and purposes and that commitment must reflect in the affairs and policies of Habitat for Humanity.

George Rountree (Chairman) 
Lloyd Gribbin
 Josph Nunnaly Joseph Nunnally (Vice-Chairman)
   Barbara Johnson
  Al Mangin (Treasurer)
  Theresa Kemp (Community Advisor)
  Kathie Connolly (Secretary)
kconnolly@gchabitat.comChris Moore
   Johnny Lewis, Jr
  Patty Bradley
  Linda Martin 
  Jay Dell (Legal Advisor)
  Chris Moore
  Jerry DeVore (Ex-Efficio)
  Maggie Moran
Heath Edwards
  Donna Weglewski